Flashbacks From The Flow Zone


Tom Crago owns and runs a video game development studio. Flashbacks from the Flow Zone is his love letter to the business trip: a raging anti-memoir that’s all about the ride. You may not think that a book about the actual experience of travel – in planes, buses, trains, cars – about airports- would be all that interesting. But you’d be wrong. This is a fascinating and often hilarious account of what it is like to travel for work and becomes a tribute to all forms of human transport warts and all, as well as offering keen insights into the minds of people in all the various countries he visits.

Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy


From the author of ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’ comes a new novel telling Queenie Hennessy’s side of the story. While Harold Fry is walking the length of England to save her, she begins a new letter to tell him everything, confessing to secrets she has hidden for twenty years. A volunteer at the hospice where Queenie is living her last days points out: “Even though you’ve done your travelling, you’re starting a new journey too.”

Queenie thought her first letter would be the end of the story. She was wrong. It was the beginning.



Maria Tumarkin travels with her Australian-born teenage daughter, Billie, back to Russia and Ukraine to have her experience first-hand the seismic shifts of her family’s native country. For Maria the trip back is no simple stroll down memory lane. Splintered and scattered across the world, her generation has ended up inhabiting vastly different realities. Along with exploring the political and cultural fallout of a century of turmoil, Maria wanted to bring together the worlds of her mother and daughter – the different continents, histories and experiences they encompassed.

Otherland is the story of a six-week trip traversing three generations, three lifetimes and three profoundly different but profoundly interconnected relationships between mothers and daughters.

Daywalks Around Victoria


By Glenn Tempest. Features 36 daywalks that best represents Victoria’s diverse and often unique geographical regions. Many of these walks have been popular to generations of Victorian walkers, while others are almost unknown. A handful of these walks are easily among the best in Australia. Daywalks Around Victoria is the first book of its kind where each described walk can be freely downloaded as a GPX file for use in a hand-held navigation device, or as a KMZ file to be opened directly in Google Earth.
12 walks in the mountainous eastern ranges.
6 coastal walks.
9 walks in the Goldfields and Melbourne’s western gorges.
6 walks in the Grampians region.
3 desert walks.
Detailed walk descriptions.
Historical information.
Accurate contour maps.
Elevation profiles.